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Here at Five Keys, our goal is to restore communities through education. Our philosophy
is that through social and restorative justice principles, we can provide traditionally underserved communities the opportunity to restart their education, focusing on five key areas: Education, Employment, Recovery, Family, and Community.

Our journey began in 2003, when the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department established
Five Keys as the first charter school in the nation to operate inside of a county jail. Today, Five Keys is a nationally recognized education management (non-profit) corporation that operates accredited charter schools and programs for transitional-aged youth (TAY) and adults at 70 locations across California. Through our focus on restoring communities through education and other programs that respond to the students’ and communities’ needs, we are creating safer communities. Five Keys provides a range of educational programs and services including: high school diploma, career and technical education, digital literacy, ESL education, cognitive behavioral therapy, recovery programs, case management, correctional education consulting, and college access to TAY and adults in seven California counties: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Alameda, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano, and San Bernardino. Through these efforts, our ultimate vision for our students is that they will develop transferable skills through curriculum and instruction that take learning off the page, out of the classroom, and into the 21st century workplace and learning environments. They will be leaders, advocates, and competitors, making positive contributions within their communities, families, and homes.
Thank you for your continued support of our school and mission.

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Your contribution changes lives. Any donation large or small makes a difference in the lives of our students.

*Please make checks payable to
Five Keys Schools and Programs: 70 Oak Grove Street, San Francisco 94107

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Five Keys Schools and Programs joins the international community in mourning the deaths of Muslim worshippers in New Zealand. This is a particularly devastating time for our Muslim population, who we stand with in solidarity and support. As a school, we denounce all forms of hate and bigotry and pledge to continue to make our classrooms safe and welcoming for all students while promoting peace, love, and acceptance.

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HOPE will never be SILENT.
— Harvey Milk

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Help us reach our goal

Help us reach our goal of pulling off an amazing, inclusive Prom evening for our under-served youth population while treating yourself to some Five Keys apparel! Why? 

The national average price of a prom costs $919 per attendee! 

We are excited to share that ALL services provided to our students for Prom-  from hair and make-up to transportation and the dance floor - Free of Cost! This amazing feat is made possible through the collaborative efforts of Five Keys and our generous staff and partners! 

We are very proud of this event, as it is a true testament to just what can be accomplished when a community comes together for their youth.  Through the hard work, dedication, and support of generous staff and partners, Five Keys is able to give their youth a safe, a self-esteem building experience, and we hope YOU can add that extra sparkle to make the night especially magical. 

Services provided for students in the past
have included:

  • Field trips to the Cinderella Project (hosted by A Place Called Home), where boys and girls shopped for the perfect outfit at no cost to them. 

  • The venue, generously discounted by the La Canada Flintridge Country Club, serves as the picturesque backdrop for the evening. 

  • Paul Mitchell School transforms the Boyle Heights Youth Technology Center into a glam station, primping young men and women for the big night.

  • American Nation Tours provides charter buses and limos to transport students to the venue. 

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What happens when you put a classroom on wheels and park it in the poorest neighborhoods of San Francisco?

The California Sunday Magazine, March 27, 2019

Sunnydale —  the name of a housing project but really the name of a neighborhood — is one of the poorest, most forgotten parts of San Francisco. If Shelia could get people to fill out applications, she could perhaps get them to change their lives, since the bus was a traveling classroom, the latest project of the Five Keys Charter School. Shelia had done it — she’d bucked nearly 40 years of failing at school and earned a high school degree. Though to be honest, she hadn’t done it on her first try. Or her second. Or third. Or fourth try, either. By the time Shelia arrived at the Five Keys classroom at 1099 Sunnydale Avenue, in 2014, she’d not learned how to read in high school and dropped out. She’d not learned how to read at San Francisco City College and dropped out. “The lady told me I was wasting my time,” she says. “That I just need to get a job, let the school thing go.” She’d fallen into drugs, prostitution, bad relationships, and jail.  Read More →


How This California Program Promises College Access To Students Behind Bars

Forbes, Feb 21, 2019

DeShawn, age 21, was likely headed for prison. But while in jail awaiting his trial, he was able to graduate from high school, attend college classes, and earn a full scholarship to a prestigious art university. For the first time, from inside a prison, he was recognized as a person with a bright future. Released in December of 2018, DeShawn now has a second chance to achieve not only his professional aspirations but also his full potential as a member of his community.   Read More →


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Continuing to Strike Out Violence


20 years of STRIKING OUT VIOLENCE at AT&T Park. Sunny Schwartz and Delia Ginorio, Five Keys Founder, and Board President, RESPECTIVELY, on the field w/Larry Baer, Giants CEO.

Class in Session for Santa Clara County
High Risk Inmates

School has started for many in the Bay Area, and one classroom in the South Bay is anything but typical, with students wearing handcuffs and shackles. Read More →

Pit Stop LA. Community Outreach

Battling SoCAL’s heatwave by passing out water bottles to the homeless. In partnership with our Hunters Point Family.


Pit Stop LA being interviewed by Channel 4 Los Angeles

Five Keys partners with Hunters Point.jpg

"Pit-Stop" monitors and community ambassadors in Downtown LA

Five Keys partners with Hunters Point Family and Los Angeles Dept of Public works to hire 28 ex-offenders to work as "Pit-Stop" monitors and community ambassadors in Downtown LA and Skid Row.


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Five Keys has established various satellite programs at sites throughout the greater San Francisco and Los Angeles regions.

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FIVE KEYS' CAP ALLIANCE receivers the city of Los Angeles certificate of appreciation for its service on the mayor’s blue ribbon commision on employment equity.


FIVE KEY’S 2018 LCAP Engagement.

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Your contribution changes lives. Any donation large or small makes a difference in the lives of our students.

*Please make checks payable to
Five Keys Schools and Programs: 70 Oak Grove Street, San Francisco 94107


I write for those women who do not speak, for those who do not have a voice because they were so terrified, because we are taught to respect fear more than ourselves. We’ve been taught that silence would save us,
but it won’t.
— Audre Lorde