Five Keys Charter School offers a specially designed, proprietary, standards-based curriculum of the core subjects – language arts, math, social science, science, and provides programs specifically designed for the incarcerated, recently incarcerated, or disenfranchised populations as they prepare to become contributing members of the community. Five Keys’ direct access to the target population and the ability to provide immediate enrollment in high school for Workforce Investment Act (WIA) targeted adults, are key elements to the agency’s work and success.  The goals of Five Keys include to:

Dramatically Increase Education Levels and Post Incarceration Opportunities of Students

It is the goal of Five Keys to get all eligible students on a path toward earning a GED, increasing literacy and numeracy level, or earning a high school diploma by delivering an intensive, engaging, individualized, educational program.


There is an enormous body of evidence that links recidivism with lack of education. Studies have shown that recidivism decreases proportionally to the amount of education received during incarceration.

Reengage Disenfranchised Populations in Education

By eliminating barriers to education through partnerships with community-based organizations in the city’s most disenfranchised sectors, Five Keys can provide the flexibility needed for working adults and WIA youth to complete their high school education or earn a GED.

Enable Students to Gain Practical Work Skills

Individuals return to crime, in part, because they lack basic skills to be self-sufficient and integrate into mainstream society. One of the goals at Five Keys is to help students acquire basic academic, social, workplace readiness and vocational skills. Five Keys has established many community partnerships which assist in preparing our students to be work-ready and to succeed in obtaining and retaining meaningful work.

Increase Self Esteem and Confidence

Supporting a student’s ability to succeed academically enable students to become self-motivated and competent lifelong learners. When they enroll at Five Keys, many of our students are unaware of their potential and do not believe that they can earn a GED or get a high school diploma. The one-course-at-a-time approach, with intensive preparation in each subject, allows students to master the standards in a subject area, which results in successfully completion of their courses. This success frequently motivates the students to continue their education.

Education is not a tool for development - individual, community and the nation. It is the foundation for our future. It is an empowerment to make choices and emboldens the youth to chase their dreams.
— Nita Ambani

Contact the school near you and enroll today. Five Keys has established various programs at sites in seven counties: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Alameda, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano and San Bernardino