Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice recognizes that crime hurts everyone; victim, offenders, community, and creates an obligation to make things right. Five Keys’ programs have joined a growing movement based on these principles. We believe that all people have worth. Our programs help all our students who are impacted by
crime by fostering an understanding and the skills to heal and thrive. Offender accountability and the voice of survivors are paramount to restoration. Restorative Justice underlies all of our educational, employment and therapeutic programs
and is taught through our customized curriculum during a required, semester-length course. Results are measured by how much repair and learning is accomplished rather than by how much punishment was inflicted. 

Justice will not be served if we maintain our exclusive focus on the questions that drive our current justice systems: What laws have been broken? Who did it? What do they deserve? True justice requires, instead, that we ask questions such as these: Who has been hurt? What do they need? Whose obligations and responsibilities are these? Who has a stake in this situation?
What is the process that can involve the stakeholders
in finding a solution?” 
— Howard Zehr, The Little Book of Restorative Justice


To learn more about Restorative Justice:

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