The 8th Annual Five Keys San Francisco Art Show​ "BEYOND WALLS"

We know the Art Show was back in May, but June and July kind of slipped by... and in case you missed it or have students who contributed, we thought these things were still worth sharing: 

  • Our Art Show website and Instagram page have been updated with photos and videos from the night. Special thanks to Chris Faucher, Dep. Palumbo, Anthony Piscitella, and Alfredo Lopez. If you can, please share with your students -- especially those who submitted work or performed. 
  • We had more submissions, performances, and attendees than ever before!
  • A first-time attendee said this about our show: "I saw much more than an art show. I saw a battle for people's dignity, self-esteem, truth, compassion, freedom, identity, and of course, love."

On behalf of the Art Show committee, thank you for all the time and energy you contributed to making the show a success. Please keep the Art Show in mind as you prepare for this upcoming year! You don't have to wait for the call for submissions to start creating.

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