Women Inmates at San Francisco Jail Learn to Code

abc7news.com , October 27, 2016 Jonathan Bloom

abc7news.com, October 27, 2016
Jonathan Bloom

A new program teaching coding skills to women in the San Francisco jail provides inmates with skills they can use to find jobs in the tech-heavy economy of the city. 

"The push to teach coding skills has extended inside the walls of the San Francisco County Jail with a program so successful it's being rolled out to other jails starting next week."

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Online behind bars: if internet access is a human right, should prisoners have it?

theguardian.com , October 3, 2016 Dan Tynan

theguardian.com, October 3, 2016
Dan Tynan

"It makes prison officials nervous, but campaigners and tech companies argue that getting inmates digitally connected will help with rehabilitation."

Five Keys Charter School's San Francisco tablet program is featured in this article on the argument for providing internet and digital devices to inmates in the US.

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Gracenter San Francisco Recognizes Dept. Executive Director Elyse Graham

San Francisco's Good Shepard Gracenter has recognized Five Keys Deputy Executive Director, Elyse Graham, for the 2016 Amazing Grace Community Awards. 

"The Amazing Grace awards are held to honor the remarkable individuals who have contributed to the areas of public health and recovery, offering strength, hope and resilience"

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San Mateo Sheriff's Office Works To Reduce Recidivism Through Education

New Five Keys Program started in July 2016 at the San Mateo County Jails

The first inmate to graduate from this program was awarded his high school diploma yesterday. He stated, “It was a wonderful program and the teachers really helped. Even after I had all my credits, I looked forward to coming to class even though I didn’t have to.”

After the ceremony Sheriff Bolanos, told the class, “I commend all of you for your courage and willingness to better yourselves. It is not easy to do, especially in a correctional facility. I want you all to know that we fully support you and while in custody we will provide you with the tools to help you be successful.”

See more in the press release about the graduation here.  

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee's IPO Employment Program

May 2016
Film by: Henry Dombey + CLUBSODAPRO.com
Music by: Stephanie Woodford, Nick Gage, Dan Phillipson

San Francisco Mayor Edwin M. Lee's IPO Employment Program from CLUBSODAPRO on Vimeo.

The IPO Employment Program is a City and County of San Francisco public safety initiative under Mayor Edwin M. Lee that provides a comprehensive employment opportunity for high-risk young adults.

Explore the Mayor's Office of Violence Prevention Services at http://violenceprevention.sfgov.org/


Five Keys Profile: The San Francisco Jail that Started a School

medium.com, March 10, 2016. Download Media Kit
Rob Waters

"Five Keys Charter School was established in 2003, when Michael Hennessey, then the sheriff of San Francisco, and his staff did something no county correctional system in the nation had done before: They started a charter high school within the walls of the old (now closed) County Jail 7. When Jail 5 opened three years later, education was literally at its core — it was designed with the education corridor in the center, surrounded by dormitory units."

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Call for Submissions for Five Keys SF Art Show


Five Keys Northern California Sites are now taking submissions for the 2016 Art Show in San Francisco.  Talk with your teacher about how to submit your art today! 

Types of art accepted include Visual Art; Writing; Video; Poetry; Songs; Performance, and more. Submissions are due for review by the SF Art Show Committee by Friday, May 13, 2016. The Art Show will be held on June 9th at the SF Main Library. You can check out pictures from our previous art show in our Photo Gallery here.  

Solano County Jail Holds First Ever Graduation

Vacaville Reporter, February 5, 2016
Sally Schilling

"Thursday's event at Claybank Jail was the first-ever high school graduation ceremony held inside a Solano County Jail. The inmates are some of the first graduates of Five Keys Charter School in Solano County, which started operating inside Clay Bank in September."

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Mark Williams, Five Keys Woodworking Instructor, Recognized by the LA County Sheriff's Department

February 5, 2016

Mark Williams was recently recognized by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department for his work in support of the Special Olympics. 

From his recognition:

"In recognition of your support of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department and the Special Olympics World Games 2015. You designed and built three wooden torch holders, which were used in support of the final leg torch run and allowed for the Special Olympics flame to be safely transported throughout the State of California. The torch holders received numerous compliments from law enforcement personnel throughout the state and [are] a testament to your workmanship and dedication. The men and women of the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department join me in thanking you."