The B.I.T.E. | October/November 2018


FEATURED TEACHERS: Brian Kelly, Rose Kleiner, John Beisner, Ashlen Fierros, Cait Ferguson, NACO!  

02:15 Retention tips and tricks
05:13 Project stations for the ISP classroom
08:45 Review #2: investigating an accident  
19:01 Teaching students to be digital citizens
21:02 Tech rec: google sites
23:18 Tech rec for September: common sense
24:40 5 things you should know from the sped team
29:35 SB probation center sites wins most innovative program                         

Total Runtime: 32:46

The B.I.T.E. Podcast is a production of the Five Keys Schools and Programs Academic Committee, and was created to make it easier for Five Keys Teachers, Managers, and Staff to have access to the information in the Academic Committee blog. 

Music in this podcast was provided courtesy of The Free Sound Project (

The B.I.T.E. is produced in Pasadena, CA, at Fat Chiweenie Studios by Simeon Weinraub

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