The B.I.T.E | March 2019


Featuring Cait Ferguson, John Beisner, Gabriela Farias, and  Ms Q 

  • School Culture Surveys - John Beisner

  • Tests and Assessments - Gabriela Farias

  • SLO of the Month - Caitlin Ferguson

  • Tech Rec - Caitlin Ferguson

  • Curriculum Review WLog - John Beisner

  • Feature Teachers: Ms Jen and George Spotville - Ms Q

    Total runtime 25:10

    The B.I.T.E. Podcast is a production of the Five Keys Schools and Programs Academic Committee, and was created to make it easier for Five Keys Teachers, Managers, and Staff to have access to the information in the Academic Committee blog. 

Music in this podcast was provided courtesy of The Free Sound Project (, and Mihkil Zumeffii

The B.I.T.E. is produced in Pasadena, CA, at Fat Chiweenie Studios by Simeon Weinraub

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