The B.I.T.E | September 2018


FEATURED TEACHERS: John Beisner and Kara Valle

00:02  Intro
00:54 The BITE Has a New Look
01:35 Introducing the Math Bank
02:08 Digital Resources at the California State Library
03:09 Five Tech Tools for Student Projects
05:04 Tech Rec: Voice Dream
06:05 Introducing the Curriculum Assessment Wlog
10:27 The First Installment of the Blog - John Beisner
19:46  Outro

Total runtime 20:29

This podcast is a production of the FIVE Keys Schools and Programs Academic Committee, with special thanks to Caitlin Ferguson, Kara Valle, and the big boss Kristin Saito.

Music and SFX provided courtesy of Mihkil Zumweffii, and from the Free Sound Project.

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