In Custody Student Reentry Needs Assessment

For assistance while incarcerated, fill out Inmate request form for CTU. After release, contact Five Keys Reentry Team

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Check Areas of Need
Below are the 3 main documents needed to prove your identify and apply for certain resources and employment after release.
The general process is Application (Form SS-5), Provide proof of identity, Free. Locate nearest SSA office:
CTU can assist with this process for those inmates born in LA County and 60-150 days before release date *If you were born outside the US and then became a citizen through the naturalization process, you will need your naturatliation certificate
Can't apply for DL in custody but may qualify for ID. Need $8 on your account, know your Social Security Number and LA County address.
Public Benefits
Covered California Applicaiton is the process to determine eligibility for health care through Affordable Care Act. Medicare is for over 65 years of age.
Social Security benefits are paid out of money collected from your taxes on paychecks. This federal program provides benefits to retired or disabled people and their dependents
Many organization provide assistance for basic needs;;; Call 211; Contact Five Keys Reentry;
Take advantage of Five Keys in custody vocational Career Technical Education (CTE), job readiness classes and programs. If you haven't already registered fill out Selective Service while in custody to avoid the waiting period upon release
Most men 18-25 who are U.S. citizens or are immigrants living in the U.S. are required to register with Selective Service. Nothing happens unless there is a crisis requiring a draft. If you do not register, you will not be eligible for federal (and CA state) student aid, federal job training, a federal job, U.S. citizenship, other assistance programs. You may be prosecuted and face a stiff fine and/or jail time. If you did not register, it may not be too late. Request a Status Information Letter from Selective Service by (1) calling 847-688-6888, OR (2) obtain a request form Send it back with documentation showing that you were incarcerated, institutionalized, and/or hospitalized between the ages of 18 and 25, or that failure to register was not...
Short-term, Transitional and Special Needs Housing referrals available:; Call 211
Finish your High School Diploma in custody or after release at one of Five Keys multiple locations. All free of charge.
Contact EBI to check availability of college classes while in custody. Contact Five Keys for college pathway connection. Free classes while in custody and reduced tuition may be available after release. Information on BOG Waiver and FAFSA available
Enroll in Five Keys Career Technical Education (CTE) while in custody. Contact Five Keys for vocational education referrals.
Read your court order carefully and ask your probation/parole officer or DCFS case social worker for specific referrals. Some classes that meet requirements may be available in custody. Often, classes need to be taken after release. Make this a priority upon release.
Dept of Children and Family Services; Dept of Child Support Services www.cssd.; Root and Rebound can offer further assistance and referrals 510-279-4662 or write 1730 Franklin St Suite 300, Oakland, CA; Friends Outside assists currently and formerly incarcerated people.
Call Root & Rebound Reentry Advice Hotline from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. every Friday on 510-279-4662 to speak directly to an attorney about your reentry issue and receive legal information, advice and referrals; Contact local County Bar Association