Delia Ginorio

Board President

Delia Ginorio is the Survivor Restoration Program Director for the San Francisco Sheriff's Department Resolve to Stop the Violence Project (RSVP), a restorative justice program that focuses on offender accountability, survivor restoration, and community involvement to reduce recidivism, responsibly return ex-offenders to their communities, and prevent further violence. 

Ms. Ginorio manages a team of survivor staff who reach out to the women, children, and men who have been silenced by violence in their lives, providing them with the support, resources, and protection necessary for leading healthy lives. She is dedicated to the empowerment and education of the disenfranchised. She also provides training seminars and workshops to community groups and agencies, both locally and nationally, on violence prevention that focus on intimate partner violence and is committed to providing outreach and education to community agencies on the restorative justice principles. As a survivor of violence, Ms. Ginorio understands the importance of providing services to all those affected by crime. 

Ms. Ginorio served as the Secretary of the Board of Directors for 5 Keys since its inception in 2003; and, as Director of the Board, she is committed to the schools mission and goals and to 5 Keys becoming a model for restorative justice education.